Cat pregnancy stages

cat pregnancy stages

You might have researched a lot when you were expecting your bundle of joy. You prepared and researched what to do when you were expecting your baby. You went through various tests for you and your baby’s safety. If you want to confirm that you are pregnant and want to have a safe pregnancy, visit this website https://www.ivf-… pregnancy blood test.

But today, instead of talking about your pregnancy, we are going to talk about a queen, yes! You read that right. We are going to be talking about queening a process through which a mature female cat commonly referred to as a queen goes through before getting its kittens.

A queen can get pregnant when she is as young as four months. Its pregnancy period lasts for two months or 63-65 days, which is just an as hard and difficult period for all animals to bring their newborns into existence.

These are the stages of a cats’ pregnancy period.

  • Mating

Mating is not just as simple as it appears in the face view, it’s a complex process for cats, male cats have barbed penises more like a fish hook which upon withdrawal will make a female cat scream with ecstasy and pain and in the process stimulate ovulation.

  • Ovulation

Did you know ovulation in cats occurs after mating? The barbed penis is believed to be the cause of stimulating ovulation in cats. Ovulation occurs within 20-50 hours after mating.

  • Fertilization

After ovulation, the egg is viable for fertilization for approximately one day, fertilization takes place in the oviduct and then makes its way to the uterus where it implants itself in the uterine wall that is after 10-12 days.

  • cat pregnancy stagesEmbryo development

On the third week, the cat gains a lot of weight and increase its food intake. The embryo starts to develop which is a stage accompanied by hormone surge this surge triggers nipple growth.

  • Fetus development

This is the most crucial stage, and it takes place from the 4th week until the kittens are born. In this stage, the embryo turns into fetus whereby all the body parts, in the stage you would be able to feel the kittens in the cats’ abdomen.

  • Pre-labor

As the queen near her due date, she will start suggesting and giving clues that her kittens are almost arriving. This is usually at the start of the second month after fertilization. She will start nesting (preparing a nest in a secluded area). Once you observe this, you should prepare a box with a soft towel near the place she made her nest.  Once all those stages have been concluded now the queen is ready to receive her kittens.

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