knee surgery

Knee Surgery For Dog

There are some points to contemplate when choosing which is the optimal knee surgery for the dog. Factors that include their measurements, body mass, age group, regular muscle stimulation and surgery amount all are likely involved in aiding you to carry out the most proper determination. Again, it’s always best to discuss all these variables together with your veterinarian.

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runny nose

Dog Has Runny Nose: Cause And Treatments

Have you ever watched your dog sneeze? Have you seen a watery discharge which may be thick and contain either blood or pus coming out of the nose of your dog? These are a good reason to alarm you about the problem of your dog having a runny nose. If you discover that your dog has runny nose, then you may need to find a veterinarian who can help you restore the health of your dog.

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Some Remedies For Dog Urinary Tract Infections

Both humans and dogs suffer from contracting Urinary tract infection hence it is a disorder that affects the two. Female dogs are more susceptible to this disorder as compared to male dogs. The female dogs have a shorter urethra thus contract it more easily. UTI is usually not harmful in its first stages in a dog. The common signs associated with UTI may not be easily noticed and sometimes this disorder can resolve itself in dogs without treatment from a vet.

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dog menstruation

How Long Does Dog Menstruation

Many dog lovers compare having a dog to having a child. Perhaps it is because these creatures easily become members of the family through their natural loyalty and affection. Most dogs go through two heat cycles a year. Some larger breeds will have it about once a year. This heat cycle is what is commonly referred of a dog menstruation. They simply go through a heat cycle, also referred as an estrus cycle, where the bloody discharge takes place. This bloody discharge is what is thought of as dog menstruation.It usually begins in their 6th month. Approximately it will last for 21 days. And it occurs every six weeks. Yes they have different cycle unlike humans.

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