Interesting facts about cats sense of smell

cats sense of smell

Cats are our loving pets but also at the same time. They are predators. Cats belong to family Felidae. This family includes Lion, Tiger, cheetah, leopard, and domestic cat etc. Cats sense of smell is around 14th time stronger than humans. Olfactory epithelium or olfaction (smell receptors) in the cats’ nose are two times more than humans’ nose. Hence, the nose plays an important role in a cat’s life because they belong to the predator family.

Here are some interesting facts related to cats’ sense of smell:

  • Nose is the most important sense organ of any cat.

In the nasal cavity cat, there are sound 200 million receptors presents the smell. Most of the dogs cannot match the olfactory (smell) capabilities of cats. Cats’ nose helps her to catch prey, find that good is edible, good or toxic. Cat’s nose can help her to find a home when she gets lost.

  • The nose also tells about the presence of other animals in the area.

Cats make territory marks with the faces and urine. Cats can smell if any other intruder cat was in her territory. Only a cat can smell it.

  • Cats olfactory abilities create stimulation in her appetite.

Taste receptors in the cat’s tongue are lesser in number in comparison to humans. Hence, smell plays an important role in the stimulation of hunger instead of taste or flavor. That is why when a nasal blockage occurs in cats. They stop eating because they can’t get hungry due to lack of smelling abilities.

  • Cats greet each other by mutual sniffing.

If we look at two cats meet each other, they sniff each other’s butts, noses, and sides and then continue their further tasks. It is very simple to humans greeting like when we say Hey, what’s up or how do you do?

  • Cats also hate many smells.

Cats’ nose is very sensitive. Therefore, many bad odors are strongly hated by cats. That is why many scents as re hated by cats but humans like them. Cats also hate the citrus and tea tree oil smell.

  • cats sense of smellCats’ nose is according to her fur color.

It is a very interesting fact that black nose is related to black cat, the orange nose is related to orange cats, the pink nose is related to white cats, the grey nose is related to grey cats etc. Similarly, multicolored cats also have the multicolored nose.

  • Cats can be identified by their nose prints.

Just like the fingerprints of humans, cats also have nose prints. These nose prints are inquired to every cat. No two cats can have same nose prints except identical twins.

  • Why cats lick the noses frequently?

It is also a very interesting fact that cats lick their nose to reset their sense of smell. Licking removes particles that may interfere in the smelling process. On the other hand, some experts say that when they are tense or anxious, they lick their nose.

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