Common Beauty Products That Could Harm Your Dog

harmed dog

There is an enormous range of beauty products available in the market. If you are a beauty maniac falling for all those products and bringing them home, then proper care is a must so as to keep them away from your dogs as they might have some serious consequence later. For all the primp and preen you keep doing, it might end up even worse for that cute little dog whom you consider your dearest friend. Buying these products is inevitable but understanding their impact and protecting them from your pet is crucial.

Listed below are four such beauty products that would harm your dog –

Hair Mousse

This is very dangerous for dogs as it leads to skin ulcers when absorbed. Due to the presence of sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and acetic acid, in hair mousse, such products tend to damage your dog’s skin leading to oral ulcers, vomiting, skin damage, coughing, nervous system issues and pain in the abdomen. When you encounter such a situation, carry your dog immediately to a veterinary to get it cured. In cases of intoxication, vomiting isn’t encouraged.

Mouthwashmouth wash

While mouthwash is something very generic that you can’t go without even a single day, these turn out to be most poisonous to your dogs due to its component called xylitol. This acts as a sugar substitute and affects your dog’s liver, lowers blood sugar levels, makes it weaker and even causes death. The symptoms are reflected within 30 minutes of consumption of xylitol which is accompanied by with vomiting, difficulty standing, tremor, coma thus requiring immediate attention.

Sunscreen Lotions

Another product that might end up wrong with your pets is a sunscreen cream. When your dog has ingested such a lotion, the zinc oxide in it is the enemy. This creates an irrational effect in the gastrointestinal tract making it uncomfortable for your pet. It might periodically vomit after hours of ingestion. This might also lead to intestinal damage in the worse case. If your pet is struggling with diarrhea or vomiting blood, take her to the vet.

Nail Glue

nail glue
You might be excited to use a nail glue to decorate your fingers, but don’t make that a reason for your pet to suffer. Nail glues contain polyurethane which when swallowed leads to stomach pain, very low energy levels, lack of appetite, vomiting. This will be shown only hours after it is ingested. During such hours, don’t panic or induce her to vomit due to the burning effect, as that would turn worse damaging the esophagus which is hard to repair.

So to conclude, you can still have a bag full of beauty essentials but it is vital to study the body language of your dogs to take care of them besides enjoying your beauty regime.

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