Diet For Overweight Dog

Diet For Overweight Dog

An overweight dog has a higher risk of health problems such as arthritis, different forms of cancer, diabetes, kidney problems, heart disease, and high blood pressure. However, it’s your responsibility to monitor what it eats and take care of their overall physical well-being. If your dog is overweight, there’re plenty of tricks you can try to get him off too much food but still keep him happy.

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Here’re a few tips you could follow to maintain a diet for overweight dog:

Measure your dog’s food 

Did you know that in small dogs, even ten extra kibbles of dog food each day can amount to about 1 pound of weight gain each year? That’s where the beauty of using a measuring cup comes in when it comes to giving food to your pooch.

Diet For Overweight DogWalk and exercise 

A healthy, fit body can be achieved with a combination of nutritious food and the right amount of exercise per day. The same goes with our pets – if all they do is eat and they don’t sweat it out, there’s nothing to gain but weight. Make it a habit of walking your dog daily, even just for 20 to 30 minutes.

Feed your healthy pet food 

Most store-bought pet treats and snacks are usually packed with addictive sugar that only adds to your pet’s waistline. If you have time, make your own treats made out of fruits and vegetables to ensure that he eats healthy. Apples, banana, broccoli, carrots and other fresh produce can go a long way for your dog’s health and weight.

Learn to read food labels 

Dogs are naturally carnivorous – they just love their meat, and they can’t live on fruits and vegetables alone. When buying dog food from the store, read food labels and opt for the low or no grain variety with a good source of protein.

Consider supplements 

Supplements are a great way to make your dog healthier and at the same time encourage weight loss. An omega three fatty acid supplement is ideal for most dogs as its powerful oils help and treat many common dog health problems.

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