Dog muzzles: ally or enemy of the dog?

dog muzzles

When we speak the word “dog muzzles”, the image of dogs of the pit bull, Rottweiler and American Staffordshire breeds already comes into the minds of many people. This is due to the prejudice we develop with these breeds and the use of this accessory in the most ferocious dogs. But, the truth is that no healthy dog attacks suddenly, for that to happen they need to feel threatened, highly stressed, scared or even under psychological pressure.

Another myth that people should break is the idea that using the muzzle harms the dog. On the contrary, this accessory, if used in the right way only tends to bring benefits to dogs.

dog muzzlesPositive factors of using the muzzle

  • Protects people in public places, preventing the dog from biting them for any reason;
  • If the dog bites, to separate it from the prey people can hurt it. The use of the muzzle will serve to maintain the integrity of your animal;
  • The use of this accessory becomes protective equipment for veterinarians and pet grooming experts. These procedures can be sometimes stressful to the pet and therefore may result in some accidents, which can be avoided with the use of muzzle;
  • It helps in the process of socializing the dog with some other animal or person, without the worry of possible bites.

How to accustom my dog to the muzzle?

Some people believe that using the muzzle leaves the dog looking aggressive. The big problem, in these cases, is the lack of training and adequacy of these objects in the life of the pet. It may seem like an instrument that bothers, but it will depend on how the tutor will introduce it into the puppy’s daily routine.

If you intend to use the muzzle on your dog daily, you need to make him use it with this different object, and for this some tips are useful.

The sooner you get used to your dog, the better and faster the result will be. So start the training soon; Begin use for short periods of time. Put and let the dog stay for about 10 minutes, remove and always offer something in reward, it can be a snack, a toy or even a cuddle. Then gradually increase the time;

Associate the use of the muzzle with fun times. If the dog likes to walk, use the muzzle when going out with him. Dogs certainly prefer to leave without collars, but end up having a love relationship with them, because they know they will only walk with the use of them. The tip is to do this same association of the guide, but using the muzzle;

The period of adaptation must be made before the dog knows the muzzle. If he already knows the accessory and in a bad experience, it might take longer for him to get used to it. But do not give up!

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