Dog Pregnancy Calendar

Dog Pregnancy Calendar

Once you have bred your dog, and you know your dog doesn’t have a fertility problem, you will eagerly look for signs of pregnancy. Feeling hungrier, nipples changes, and looking for more attention than usual could be some of the early signs. Visiting the vet will confirm it.

Dog pregnancy manifest after three weeks with signs like:

-Nipples turn pinker

-Listlessness and food avoidance

-Weight gain

-Distention of the uterus

The pregnant dog requires special food supplements. Excess calcium should be avoided as it can cause eclampsia. De-worming is also a good idea before whelping takes place.

Dog gestation can last 56-69 days although it can be slightly longer for larger breeds and shorter for small ones. During this period more feeding is required. Accessing dog pregnancy calendar will aid you in tracking the stages and prepare in advance. It will also show pet procedure during canine gestation and expectations when whelping nears.

What Takes Place Each Week

1      Dog mating.

2      Fertilized eggs travel to the uterus and implant. Behavioral changes likely to take place are moody changes and being more affectionate

3      Embryos implantation and eggs begin to grow.

4      Around day 28 fetuses can be detected. The uterus fills with fluid and spines develop in the pups.

5      The sex organs begin to develop, and the belly looks more swollen.

6     Dog Pregnancy Calendar Fluid discharge from the vulva starts. The pups grow more, and pigment develops.

7      Set up a whelping box as the pups are well developed. Their movement can be easily detected.

8      Pups become active in their crowded space. They position themselves for birth.

9      The dog appears restless and stretches a lot. This means the start of pre-labor.


Basically, dogs will care for themselves. Therefore, your aid may be unnecessary. Be around in case a vet is required. The dog will lick the puppies and bite off the umbilical cord.

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