Dog Teeth Cleaning Anesthesia Side Effects

As the parent of your pet, you always want your dog to be in perfect health. Dental hygiene for your pet is essential. However, dogs are not like human beings, and they might feel stressed and agitated when a stranger touches their teeth. Therefore, general anesthesia is often used in procedures that involve the teeth. However, before you take your dog to the veterinary, it’s crucial to know some of the possible side effects of general anesthesia. If your dog had a side effect with anesthesia, call them right away. Studies have shown that some dogs can experience adverse drug reactions as a result of anesthesia.

Important factors to consider are:

  • Dog Breed
  • Age of the Dog

Dog Breed

  • Dogs that belong to the Brachys Breed react to anesthesia by constricting the airway which might cause breathing difficulties.
  • If you are the owner of a dog belonging to the Sighthounds Breed, such as the greyhound, you should ensure that the anesthesia used is below the average dose. Sighthounds have less fat and will, therefore, metabolize the drug faster leading to high blood levels that might have adverse effects on the dog.
  • Dogs belonging to the herding breeds have specific genes that lead to the accumulation of certain compounds in anesthesia. Leading to respiratory stress.
  • Doberman have specific genes that predispose them to blood clotting when certain forms of anesthesia are used.
    – Although you might think that larger breeds such as the Great Dane will respond slowly to anesthesia, they overreact. In addition to weight, other factors such as surface area should be considered when determining the dosage

Age of the dog

The age of the dog is an essential consideration because older dogs are generally weaker and might be prone to adverse drug reactions.

Of course, when you are taking your dog for tooth cleaning, you do it with all the good intentions. However, you should also consider the factors outlined here to ensure that you do not expose your dog to unprecedented risks.

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