Dog Teeth Cleaning Risks

Dog Teeth Cleaning Risks

Dog teeth cleaning is a routine activity for vets but difficult for pet owners. However, there are many risks when carrying out this activity.

Taking care of our pets is our responsibilities as pet owners. Taking good care of their dental health is as important as taking care of ours. We visit sites like to know the condition of our dental health. We can also visit sites that specialize in the dental health of our pets.

When cleaning the dog’s teeth, one is willing to risk been bitten by the dog. If the dog is not used to this activity, it may end up biting the person who is cleaning its teeth. At first, when a dog is being introduced to this activity, it fears being hurt, and since its defense mechanism is biting, it may end up fighting back by biting. When carrying out this activity, safety measures must be observed where the cleaner should wear hard gloves to protect the hands from been bitten. This is the major dog teeth cleaning risks that may occur when cleaning the teeth.

dog teeth cleaning

When cleaning the teeth of the pet, one is likely to cause injury to the oral tissue. The oral tissue is very delicate, and when sharp objects are used to clean up the teeth, it may cause injury that would inflict pain to the animal. Care should be observed when carrying this activity where smooth brushes are preferred to be used since they can’t cause any injury. Removing the tartar gum of the animal is another risk. Removing of the gum is not possible or can be difficult to remove it while the animal is awake, hence anesthetic need to be applied to the animal.

When cleaning the dog’s teeth, looking at the inner surfaces of the teeth of the animal may be impossible. Opening the jaws of the dog might be cumbersome and may also inflict injuries on the animal. The inner surfaces need to thoroughly clean since most of the dirt stick on the inner part which is difficult to clean. This procedure is quite painful, and this might be a risk to the animal since it may affect the feeding of the animal. If a dog has pain on its jaws, the dog may find it difficult to chew food hence its health might also be at risk.

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