How Long Does Dog Menstruation

dog menstruation

Many dog lovers compare having a dog to having a child. Perhaps it is because these creatures easily become members of the family through their natural loyalty and affection.

Most dogs go through two heat cycles a year. Some larger breeds will have it about once a year. This heat cycle is what is commonly referredĀ of a dogĀ menstruation. They simply go through a heat cycle, also referred as an estrus cycle, where the bloody discharge takes place. This bloody discharge is what is thought of as dog menstruation.It usually begins in their 6th month. Approximately it will last for 21 days. And it occurs every six weeks. Yes they have different cycle unlike humans.

If you think that only humans experience the discomfort of pregnancy, then you got it wrong. Why? Because animals like dogs also experience being pregnant. So as a dog owner you should know how to take care of your pregnant dog.

menstruationOnce dogs have been pregnant you must be able to provide them the care to take care of the dogs and the puppies in her womb. So how will you know if your pet dog is pregnant? There are signs that you may notice such as increasing appetite, weight gain and milk production. Once you suspect your dog is pregnant bring him to the veterinary clinic for consultation and for you to make certain as well. Visiting the veterinary is important so that prenatal checkup can be scheduled and necessary vitamins will be prescribed.

Dogs can also be undergo with some hospital procedures. Doctors may tell you some Do’s and Dont’s with regards of proper care to your pregnant dog. So understanding the needs of your dogs is necessary as well as giving them healthy foods to make the puppies healthy and stronger once they were born. But before anything else, know first their menstruation.

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