How to discipline a cat

How to discipline a cat

Do you own a cat? Then you know cat behaviors that can get you so mad, especially when you have had a long day at work. Discipline is the key to solving all these behaviors. Just like any domestic animal in your homestead cats also need to understand things to do and things not to. Send my message to the pet owners for them to learn how to train their cats.

Some of the common behaviors in cats include 

  • Climbing
  • Chasing moving objects
  • Sharpening Claws
  • Playing
  • Bringing day’s hunt inside the house

Some of these behaviors are very annoying. Imagine you cat hunting for a mole and bring it inside the house. Only to eat it under your favorite couch. It never ends well. But how does one discipline a cat?

How to discipline a cat

To achieve this, you must stop thinking in the human perspective of discipline, which mostly involves beating, yelling, taking something from them. In the cat’s world, none of this makes sense. Even if you take its favorite toy, that doesn’t make any sense to it.

Cats are intelligent animals as well. They can read your articulation and sense if it’s a warning you are giving them or if it’s a pat on the back.

They react well to positive discipline, like playing and a proper treat. However, this should not be the case always. When it has done something wrong, it must know.How to discipline a cat


A young cat will always piss anywhere in the house, from your clothes to the living room. This calls for a little routine to help the cat understand what is wrong and what is right.

Providing the cat with a place to piss is a good start. To train it, you must learn its reaction before pissing, then take it to where it’s supposed to piss. If you do this continuously, it will adapt within a short time.

Biting cats

When a cat thinks it’s fun biting you when you play. It’s about time you stop playing with the cat completely. Avoid it at all times, and the behavior will automatically disappear with time.

Bringing dead animals into the house

Hunting is a cat’s specialty. It will bring home its price as a sign of victory or for safety from external competition from animals like dogs. However, this is not pleasing to any human being with a cat. in cases like this one is advised to use any means possible to keep the cat out of the house. You can produce a hissing noise or spray a little water with hopes of chasing the cat away. Doing this help the cat understand what is right and what is not.

Cats are amazingly cute and fun animals to keep around out hopes. They can be the only friend you meet in the evening after a long day’s job, who can’t speak but care a lot about you. But some behaviors must be eliminated at all cost.

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