How to Heal Bleeding Gums of Your Dog

how to heal bleeding gums (of your dog)

Dogs are one of the most kept pets in many homes around the world. Many people will keep a dog for a companion and maintaining its health status in high-level is very important. Unfortunately, a dog will face many health problems like bleeding gums,  that’s why, you need to keep an eye of your dog so that you will realize any condition on time and treat it.

As mentioned above, one of the common problems that will be experienced by many dogs is gum bleeding. This condition will be caused by many factors such as injury from chewing a sharp bone or plastic, toxic foods, inflammation from poor hygiene, and fungal or bacterial infections. Through the help of a well-qualified veteran, taking care of your dog’s oral health should be an easy and cheap procedure.

How to heal bleeding gums

1. Maintain a high level of oral hygiene

One of the most common causes of bleeding gums is poor oral hygiene. To treat your dog, you’ll need to make sure you maintain a high level of cleanliness. You can use Chlorhexidine rinse every day to disinfect tooth surfaces and oral tissues.

2. Use peroxide and aloe vera how to heal bleeding gums (of your dog)

Another cause for bleeding gums is systemic diseases such as bacterial infection. Hydrogen peroxide will act as an ant-bacterial ingredient while aloe vera will soothe the affected gums. Mix aloe vera with hydrogen peroxide and rub it on your dog’s teeth using cotton.

3. Watch what your dog eats

Plastic, sticks, and sharp bones will cause harm to your dog’s gum causing bleeding. Make sure whatever your dog eat is free from these harmful substances and also not toxic. Although bones are important to the dog, make they’re not sharp before giving them to your dog.


By following the above tips, preventing and mainting good oral health of your dog shouldn’t be a hard thing. However, ensure you get a professional to examine your dog before starting the treatment plan. A professional will examine the condition of your dog and give you the exact remedy.

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