Pet Care Jobs

pet care jobs

Homeowners with small animals requires the services of pet care workers to take care of their animals. Not only at home, but there are various places also where the services of pet care workers are required. These are; pet training institutions, animal hospital, pet shops, boarding kennels, and many more other places.  Learn more about pet care jobs as we discuss what each of them entails below.

• Kennel Attendant

This are the pet workers who take care of animals in the kennel when their owners are not around. They watch closely the animals and ensure they have water and food, and also clean their quarters. They keep all the animals’ record and often exercise them.

• Animal groomers.

This are the kind of pet workers that bathes the pet using a special solution that keeps the pet free from pest and parasites. They trim and brush the animals’ hair and then cut their nails.

• Dog Trainers

These are workers that you see around teaching dogs to obey command and signals, guard property and lives, truck or hunt, and also run races.

• Dog guide instructor  pet care jobs

This is different from dog trainers. This kind of workers trains the dog in assisting the blind to find their way to grocery stores or even workplace. They may also train the dog to assist the disabled to complete their daily activities.

• Animal breeders

They arrange for animal mating and takes care of the young ones’ and the mother.

Education requirements

Individuals who are interested in pet care jobs will need to have a certificate in biology and animal husbandry. Some special training will also be required on the field that will help in better handling of the animals.

Final thoughts

Currently, there is an increase in demand for these jobs as pet owners are looking for people to take care of their pets. Most of these workers are always on call to attend to these animals even during the night. This means that one should be passionate about animals to venture in this field.

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