Puppy Obedience Training Basics

Puppy Obedience Training Basics

The goal of obedience training for the puppy is to provide your puppy with a variety of voice commands that include, how to sit, lie, stay and come. When training a puppy, it is recommended that the candy be ready to reward good behavior and praise when things are done properly.

Training your puppies is not only rewarding for them, but it is also rewarding for you. By training your puppies, you are teaching them good manner and skills you want them to have. If your puppies are trained to do basic commands, it will be easier for you to take great images of them. You and your puppy can enjoy play time together.

Here are the main training orders for puppy obedience:

Sit: This simple command should be the first thing you should do to train your puppy. Keep a treat on your left hand and say it clearly. In the first attempts, it may be necessary to encourage it. Push the puppies to the floor, then congratulate and immediately reward them.

Down: This should be taught of sitting position, even after learning the puppy sitting position, do not confuse the puppy. Only teach one command at a time. Sit a gesture until the puppy realizes the difference. For the first attempts, use your free hand to pull your legs and the puppies forward so that they are in a low position and to treat and congratulate immediately.

Stay: This is a custom place to sit. Tell your puppy to sit down and then speak with a clear voice and tell your puppy to stay. Step back a few steps at first, then, gradually, if she stayed in place and did not move reward them with a treat.

Come: This is usually taught after residence orders, just tell your puppy to come and have a positive voice and open your arms in a welcoming gesture, reward your puppy instantly.

Puppy Obedience Training

It is always best to start a puppy obedience training somewhere, for example, in the garden or at home, once the puppy starts to understand the commands, go somewhere else with other things. It is best if you ensure your puppy has learned the above commands before focusing on other puppy obedience training commands.

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