Short Spine Syndrome In Dog

short spine syndrome in dog


Short Spine Syndrome is a genetic condition ,which is very rare  in dogs. It is characterized by a reduction in length of a dog’s spinal column. This condition is very rare as a study has shown that 1 out of 1000 dogs in a dog’s population has this condition . Further research even goes ahead to show that the condition may come about as a result of problems emerging from interbreeding dog species in an effort to improve the quality of dog breed. For the dog owners who need to know more about  the disease , here are some of the signs and symptoms :


  1. The vertebrae  compressed
    It’s the most common symptom in a Short Spine Syndrome dog . This is mainly caused by the reduction in length of the vertebral column . This, in turn, brings about failure in bone hardening to the affected dog because the bones of the vertebrae column appear to be in the form of cartilages.
  2. Fusion of vertebrae
    This has been observed in complicated cases where it results in reduced flexibility of the dogs’ spinal cord than other normal and regular dogs . The dog hence cannot perform some activities such as eating, running, and shifting the head in various directions like other dogs . For the dog to see anything in another direction, it must, therefore, shift the whole body’s position.
  3. Shorter dog tail
    Research has shown and proven, the affected dog’s tail appears to be very twisted and will often be shorter than that of regular dogs.
  4. Reduced number of ribs
    The Short Spine Syndrome dogs have reduced number of ribs than that of an ordinary dog. This condition mostly at times changes the appearance of the dog giving the affected dog a barrel-like appearance in the chest region.
  5. The neck disappears
    This is majorly resulting from fused vertebrae column causing the dog’s shoulders and head to fuse, therefore the dog appears to have no neck.
  6. Sloping dog backs
    This is often noticed in dogs having the condition because of the spinal column which curves downwards normally at the back of the dog’s body.

In conclusion, though a dog having short spine syndrome may not be able to do a lot of activities that are done by regular dogs, they are bound to have a similar life span as regular dogs. Despite having the condition, the affected dogs are known to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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