Signs Of Pregnancy In Dogs

Signs Of Pregnancy In Dogs

Dog pregnancy can be a delicate life phase of every dog irrespective of the breed. There is also lot of anxiety when your dog is pregnant. At one point, you will realize it was not worth worrying for. However, knowing whether your female dog is pregnant or not can be quite difficult.

There are also signs of pregnancy that women experience that we can link to the pregnancy in dogs. Knowing the signs of pregnancy for your dog can make you and your dog ready for the new puppies.

The first reason is that there are no home methods used to test pregnancy in pets. Secondly, dogs only show pregnancy signs for a shorter period.

Irrespective of that, there are various signs of pregnancy in dogs which you can look and know when your dog is almost ready for new puppies. You will need the correct insurance cover, a little care with standard approach during the pregnancy period of your pet. Let’s have a look at some of the signs;

-Your pet will develop morning sickness just like human begins. More surprising, the dog will also vomit a few days to labor. As your pet goes to her resting place, she will usually walk around it before settling. This shows the dog is unease.

Pregnancy In Dogs

-As the delivery time nears; the dog will start to prepare herself for the new puppies. First, she will look for a quiet and comfortable place to settle the litter.

-Your dog also becomes more affectionate towards every family member. This is a sign she needs comfort during the pregnancy period, and she doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her puppies.

-Your dog’s teat also appears swollen a sign she is close to delivering.

-Her body temperature will also drop significantly by 2 degrees.

-You may also notice some clear discharge coming out of the vagina. When the dog is almost delivering, the discharge turns into greenish color.

Once you notice this kind of signs of pregnancy in dogs, then it’s advisable to take your pet to a vet for a medical examination. The vet will conduct all blood tests to determine your dog’s pregnancy. To keep your dog soothing, you need to use comforting words during the whole pregnancy process. Avoid shouting and calling her bad names especially when she makes a mistake.

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