what to do if your dog bites your child

What to do if your dog bites your child

There’s a certain connection that exists between a child and a dog with most dogs being children’s safe and loyal companions. However, a large number of children has been recorded to have sustained a dog bite at one time with children being at a greater risk than the adult to getting serious injuries from a dog bite. And the worst case is, them getting a bite right on the face. This can create severe damage however, it’s never the end the of the world as Refine Clinic offers face surgery after dog bite. In some other cases though, there’s always this disturbing concern that comes into any parents mind on the right approach to relieving a dog bite of their children.

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dog color blindness

Dog color blindness

Dogs are animals that posses a very good vision. Although dogs are not color blind as many people perceive, they still have slightly different eyesight compared to humans.  Dog color blindness is said to be a mistaken perception in people since one can learn this when you’re training your dog. When training dogs using different colors, the dogs are able …

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Dog Losing Weight Tips

Is your dog carrying around a few extra pounds? Many well-meaning pet owners look the other way when their pets gain weight, failing to consider the health implications. Not only does being overweight increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes, it also puts considerable strain on the joints and can also increase the risk of hip dysplasia in larger breeds. If your animal companion is overweight, it`s important to take action to reduce his risk of health problems. Here are some dog losing weight tips which can do good to your lovely pet:

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dog ownership

Guidelines for Responsible Pet Ownership

Care is part of the responsible pet ownership. The more you start, the easier it is to grow your pets The other part of the care is a tooth. Dog also need to maintain their oral health as you maintain your oral health. There is a toothbrush designed for pet toothpaste with fleshy flavors. If you start early, you can prevent a lot of problems with the ends and teeth that may occur as long as your dog’s age.

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