Impacts of a tooth abscess in dogs

tooth abscess in dogs

Dogs can be very friendly when they are in their normal state of health but seem to be moody when they have an infection in the body. Tooth abscess in dogs is one of the bacterial infections that attack the tooth of any canine breed, especially on the roots. The bacteria utilize the structure of the dogs’ teeth when they get trapped especially in the pocket and very nasty pus can develop as a result. With the condition, your dog is likely to be unfriendly since this can lead to a bad smell in the mouth and other related infection and extreme pain.  Keep on reading as this page will help you identify the causes, symptoms and treatment of tooth abscess in dogs.

Possible causes of tooth abscess

Just like dental care is important in human beings, the same practice should be implemented in the dogs to keep them healthy. A tooth abscess can be caused by broken tooth or lack of frequent brushing in dogs hence the condition is related to poor dental health care in dogs. You should monitor your dog closely to identify any possible cause of periodontal disease which may affect the gums, bones and gingivitis which may also cause a tooth abscess.
The risk of tooth abscess development in dogs is possible across all breeds provided they aren’t given proper care by the owners. Monitor the feeding habit of your dog and provide standard foods that won’t break the tooth and practice brushing them frequently.

Symptoms of tooth abscess

When dogs suffer from tooth abscess they aren’t able to eat properly and dropping food particles when eating can be common. Your dog is likely to be seen brushing their face against different objects frequently and avoiding direct mouth touch which can be a sign of tooth abscess and should be investigated.

Treatment option for tooth abscess

The best way to handle the condition of tooth abscess for your dog to live a perfect life calls for a close working relationship with your vet. Different examinations are required before you can identify tooth abscess hence the need for timely reporting in case of any symptom.

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