Treating Dog Bite In Kids

Dog Bite Kids

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend and it’s natural that we do assume that our best friends cannot harm us. It’s good to remember that dogs can also become over excited or threatened and unknowingly or knowingly lash out at a child or even at you in one way or the other. Kids are more vulnerable to dog bites. When a dog bite kids, we should look for ways to give immediate treatment once the kid gets a dog bite. Many kid bites are normally taken care of in the department of emergencies while for a few with severe injuries they will have to stay awaiting reconstructive surgery.

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The first thing to do after a bite is administering your kid to first aid. It is important to seek out medical opinion irrespective of the bite severity to help avoid developing further complications. Your physician can administer a tetanus injection and also prescribe some antibiotics to control and prevent infections. If the injuries need reconstructive surgery, a plastic surgeon should be called to help the situation.

Preventing kids from dog bites

Dog Bite KidsYou can reduce the chances of your child being bitten by teaching the kid some simple rules on how to approach a pet. Teach children never to approach an unfamiliar animal. If they see a canine that they are unfamiliar with them should report it to an adult. If approached by an unfamiliar animal, teach your child to remain still and not to run or scream at it. If the dog knocks them down, teach them to roll into a ball and remain still. They should avoid eye contact with the animal as well.

All children should know a few safety rules about dogs even if they have a family pet. Children should never be left unsupervised with a dog. Teach a child never to disturb a sleeping dog or one that is eating. Do not touch or pet a dog until you have allowed it to see and smell you.

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