What to do if your dog bites your child

what to do if your dog bites your child

There’s a certain connection that exists between a child and a dog with most dogs being children’s safe and loyal companions. However, a large number of children has been recorded to have sustained a dog bite at one time with children being at a greater risk than the adult to getting serious injuries from a dog bite.  And the worst case is,  them getting a bite right on the face. This can create severe damage however, it’s never the end the of the world as  Refine Clinic offers face surgery after dog bite. In some other cases though, there’s always this disturbing concern that comes into any parents mind on the right approach to relieving a dog bite of their children. So what to do if your dog bites your child?

Some of the things you should do include

(1). Seeking medical attention

You should get medical assistance as fast as possible even if the bite may seem superficial. With reference to the Center for disease control and prevention, dogs have the ability to carry a wide range of diseases such as tetanus disease and rabies disease.

(2). Rehoming what to do if your dog bites your child

This entails giving it to a new owner who will be able to manage its behavior and prevent it from ever having the opportunity to bite. You may also decide to enroll it into a government dog training program for bomb sniffing and drug detection or as well as be police K9 units

(3). Reporting the incidence

While you may not be willing to report the bite because you love your dog so much, It’s advisable to do so to the police or the nearest animal control authority like a dog warden for evaluation to determine whether your dog is dangerous. The dog might even bite another kid if you hesitate to take that action. Remember that the health of your children should be your priority.

(4). Manage your dog’s behavior to prevent it from having the chance to bite.

It’s possible to do this but it isn’t an easy task. It involves restricting its movements to avoid contact with humans by crating it in a closed room or a kennel equipped for biting dogs.

(5). Have it euthanized

A dog that bites is considered to be a dangerous weapon and despite euthanasia being a tough decision, It should be considered.

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