Dog Teeth Anatomy

dog teeth anatomy

Generally, a dog has a set of 42 teeth which includes the incisors, the canines, premolars and the molars. In this article, we are going to discuss the dog teeth anatomy and what it comprises. Let us discuss in details each type of our man’s best friend’s teeth and what are their functions or role.

Incisorspooch teeth

There is a sum of 12 incisors, 6 each on either jaw, and they are little and sharp. They may not all be uniform in an estimate, and may likewise differ in number. The two focal incisors ordinarily stay littler in estimate than the others. The primary elements of these teeth incorporate biting or snacking on nourishment, getting objects, pulling something and scratching purposes.


There are 2 canines each on the upper and lower jaws, one each on either side of the incisors. In this manner, the privilege and left sides of the jaw have one upper and one lower canine each. The upper canines bolt behind the lower ones. This is known as a scissor chomp. The capacity of these teeth is to snatch and tear. On the off chance that your pooch is battling with another puppy or is playing a session to getting with you, at that point the canines are utilized to nibble the ball or the other puppy. Deciduous teeth incorporate four 4 canines and 12 incisors.


These are the wide, level, and pointed teeth that are arranged behind the canines. The role of the premolars is biting, tearing, and gnawing. Pooches bite their nourishment utilizing their premolars. You may even notice that in the event that you toss a stick for your puppy to get, at that point he/she will hold the stick along the edge of the mouth in the premolars. Changeless teeth comprise of 16 premolars8 on either jaw and 4 on either side of each jaw. Deciduous teeth comprise 12 premolars6 on each jaw and 3 on either side of each jaw. The primary tooth in this gathering is truant in puppy teeth.


Molars are greater than premolars and play out the principle capacity of biting hard things like bones or canine scones. They are somewhat keener than premolars also. The aggregate number of molars that a puppy has is 10. There are 6 on the lower jaw3 on each side, and 4 on the upper jaw on each side. Puppies don’t have any molars. Deciduous molars don’t exist. They just develop as changeless teeth.

dog teeth human teeth


As we need to know what and how we, human teeth function, we also need to know how dogs’ function. Even we have different shape and sizes of teeth with our pooch, they also need to protect their teeth by maintaining their dental health like us humans. Check website on how to protect our teeth same on how we protect our pet dog’s teeth too.

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