Dog Teeth Chattering

dogs chatter

dog teeth chattering is a condition seen in many varieties of dogs under various circumstances. It is not a unique symptom for a specific breed of dogs.

As a medical condition, it can be considered as an oral pain or advanced Neurological problem. While it’s not always necessary to be associated with a medical condition, the dog teeth chattering can be a symptom of many emotions that the dog is undergoing.

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Oral pain: Dogs undergo oral pain just like humans do. This is often a reason for dogs to bite their teeth continuously making noise.

Cold: Simple cold could be one reason for the shivering and the sound made by the teeth in dogs.

Neurological problem:  Some nervous weakness could cause a shiver in the complete body and so also the teeth causing noises.

While it is not always necessary to be a medical condition, there are other reasons for this.

dogTasting the smells: Dogs have a special organ called Vomeronasal organ that helps them to taste the smells. When a dog sniffs urine or other substances, it pushes the chemical smells to the incisive papilla with its tongue which is folded up touching the roof of the mouth. During this process, teeth tend to hit against each other making a chattering noise.

Excitement or Threat: Dogs tend to show their emotions of excitement over a new gift with their teeth making this noise. Sometimes, when they fear the threat of any danger from other dogs they tend to bite their teeth to express their feelings.

Training stress: Sometimes training can be too stressful for the dogs. They tend to show their feelings by the teeth hitting to convey their inconvenience with the training.

Female Mate’s message: When the dogs smell the female’s urine and understand that the female is very ready their teeth chatter.

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