throat cancer in dogs

Throat Cancer in Dogs

Dogs are man’s best friend. We’ve heard it constantly and deep down we know it’s true. We love our dogs. That’s why it can be so difficult to see our dogs go through pain. Throat cancer in dogs is a potentially deadly disease that all dog owners should be on the lookout for. Treatment for this type of condition can be quite expensive but you can check for available payment plans with your vet.

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dog breasts

Swelling Dog Breasts

Female hounds breastfeed like mammalians, their designation deriving from the mammary gland used to manufacture milk. The milk is brimful of nutrition and planned to keep their endangered pups nourished and safeguarded from possible diseases. Sometimes these mammary glands can become inflated, usually looking swollen or red. This breast swelling in dogs is natural as both their heat cycle and gestation can occasion inflammation. But this occurrence can happen because of a primary pathology or an affliction like mastitis. It can also occur on sterilized female dogs who may not have gestation associated causes of the redness and inflammation.

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dog hot spots treatment

Dog Hot Spots Treatment

A dog is a beautiful creature and a considerable portion of its beauty stems from its fur or hair. Dog lovers can’t help petting them and tickling them – until they hit a “hot spot”. Alternatively referred to as “acute moist dermatitis”, dog hot spots are irritated, reddish, and moist areas or spots on a dog, caused by bacteria. They are painful to the dog and painful for its owner to look at or even deal with. Nevertheless, for the sake of everyone’s happiness, they must be contained and treated.

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what to do if your dog bites your child

What to do if your dog bites your child

There’s a certain connection that exists between a child and a dog with most dogs being children’s safe and loyal companions. However, a large number of children has been recorded to have sustained a dog bite at one time with children being at a greater risk than the adult to getting serious injuries from a dog bite. And the worst case is, them getting a bite right on the face. This can create severe damage however, it’s never the end the of the world as Refine Clinic offers face surgery after dog bite. In some other cases though, there’s always this disturbing concern that comes into any parents mind on the right approach to relieving a dog bite of their children.

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